In today’s world, it is increasingly necessary to grow by learning to speak more than one language fluently. Whether as a result of growing up in a bilingual home, moving to a different language country, or even attending classes and studying languages at school or in an extracurricular setting. Are you planning to live or study abroad, do business abroad, or are there any situations that require translation of your documents? You will need a translator.



Where to start?

You will need a professional translation company that offers certified translations for a variety of business, travel and leisure situations.

Okay, but what is a certified or official translation?

A certified or official translation is a translation stamped and signed by the translator with a declaration confirming that the translation is a true, accurate and correct version of the document submitted for translation. A certified translation must even reflect the layout of the original document. The certified translation must be done by a certified translator.

A translator who attests to the accuracy of a translation in relation to an original document in another language assumes full responsibility for making such a declaration. Therefore, certified translations always require the greatest care and attention.

Some typical documents that need translation and accuracy is critical:

  • Birth, marriage, death certificates;
  • Court transcripts;
    Incorporation documents;
  • Academic transcripts and degrees.

How much does a certified translation cost?

Cada documento tem suas particularidades e a necessidade de um orçamento personalizado. Precisando de orçamento para tradução de documentos?